Draft Arunachal Pradesh State Electricity Regulatory Commission (State Grid Code) Regulations, 2018

May 31, 2018 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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General Compliance

Arunachal Pradesh State Electricity Regulatory Commission (APSERC) has issued draft Arunachal Pradesh State Electricity Regulatory Commission (State Grid Code) Regulations, 2018. The objective State Grid Code is to govern the boundary between State Transmission Utility (STU) and Users as well as establishes guidelines for operation of facilities for those who are connected and will use the State Transmission System.

It lays down both the information requirements and procedures governing the relationship between STU and Users. The principal objectives of the State Grid Code are:

a)      To provide clarity in the functions of the STU, State Generation Companies, Distribution Licensees, IPPs / CPPs and open access consumers connected to the State Grid by specifying their respective roles, responsibilities and obligations with respect to the operation of the State Grid.

b)      To improve the Grid stability and achieve minimum standards of system performance.

c)      To specify the transmission connectivity requirement for new entrants i.e., future new generating companies, distribution/trading licensees, open access consumers and consumers.

d)      To document the normal practices in grid operation for easy reference and for compliance.

e)      To elicit with generators on the performance characteristics of their plant to meet the connectivity requirements.

f)       To provide a mechanism for clear and consistent disclosure of all information between the utilities concerned.

g)      To indicate how generation is to be scheduled and dispatched.

h)      To actually enforce what is verbally agreed

These Regulations shall come into force after 60 days from the date of their publication in the Official Gazette of Arunachal Pradesh

Any Objection or suggestion on the said draft rules may be sent to the Secretary, Arunachal Pradesh State Electricity Regulatory Commission, 2nd Floor, OT Building, Niti Vihar Market, Itanagar- 791111 (Arunachal Pradesh), within thirty (30) days from the date on which the copies of this notification as published in the Official Gazette, are made available to the public.

[No. APSERC/RA-14/Notification/2018-19/128]

URL: http://www.apserc.nic.in/pdf/Notice%20State%20Grid%20Code%20Regulations.pdf





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