DGFT advises all exporters to promptly check Shipping Bill transmission status on ICEGATE and DGFT websites

Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) vide trade notice dated February 06, 2018 has advised to exporters to check the Shipping Bill (SB) transmission status first on ICEGATE and then on DGFT website after 72 hours from integration of SB with ICEGATE. If the SB data is not available on ICEGATE or DGFT, the issue should be reported to the concerned authorities.

 The issue can be can be registered with DGFT in the Contact@DGFT service available on DGFT website and the issue details can be shared with DGFT EDI helpdesk by sending an e-mail at dgftedi@nic.in quoting the Contact@DGFT reference number. The transmission status of a SB can be checked on ICEGATE website (https://www.icegate.gov.in/) under ‘Services > Public Enquiry > DGFT Shipping Bill Integration Status’ option and the same can be checked at DGFT website (http://dgft.gov.in/) under ‘User Facilitation > Shipping Bills Received from Customs for an IEC option.

[Trade Notice No. 23 /18]

URL: http://dgft.gov.in/Exim/2000/TN/TN17/Trade%20No.%2023.pdf