BSE Circular specifies document formats for Submission of Corporate Announcements

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has issued a circular regarding filing of reports, statements, documents, filing, etc. under Regulation 10 of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulation, 2015 with the exchange on the specified electronic platform i.e. Listing Centre (

BSE has observed that companies who have filed PDF documents on the Listing Centre as Corporate Announcements are not ‘Machine Readable’ or ‘Searchable’.  This is causing considerable hardships to the investors at large and also regulators for searching the company filings using the relevant keywords for various purposes.

Thus, BSE, as advised by SEBI, has directed to the listed companies henceforth to file all corporate announcements in machine readable format only i.e. searchable PDF format only. BSE circular also states that image files which are presently being submitted as attachments will not be accepted and only searchable PDF files should be attached.

As further advised by SEBI, the listed entities are required to comply with this direction immediately, but not later than 7 days of this circular.

BSE also observed that companies which are not filing the Corporate Announcements under the appropriate head even where the option is clearly available in the Listing Centre drop downs and instead are using the omnibus option of ‘Updates’. In such cases, BSE advises that only the respective relevant Options that are available under the tab ‘Corporate Announcements’ may be utilized for filing of the announcements. Filing under the incorrect head may attract appropriate action by the Exchange.

[BSE Circular - LIST/COMP/22/2017-18]