Litigation Management Overview

The Avantis Litigation Management is a solution focused on helping the legal professionals in corporates and businesses manage cases and appeals with great ease. The module is fully integrated with our Compliance Management.

We understand the pain of managing litigation with excel sheets and paper and other archaic systems. The pace at which the Judiciary operates makes this pain more intense. On an average a case runs from 7 to 10 years, with multiple appeals, lawyers changing, hearings, law firms, thousands of pages of documentation is created as a result. A robust litigation management system can ease this pain to a great extent.

The Avantis Litigation Management system ensures accountability with management dashboard views, timely preparedness and access to all information with due notifications, calendars and alerts and well tagged document management system.

360 View

Manage multiple legal entities and all litigation associated in one dashboard. Management view with drill down builds accountability.

End to end lifecycle management

Managed all dates, courts, lawyers, opponents, outcomes, linked cases and notices, fees, law firms and documents

Role based access

Three levels of role based access. Management will full view, approver with task related access and performer/ reviewer access.

Complete reporting

Excel downloadable reports, preset formats or customizable for analytics and decision making.

Linking case

In this intuitive feature you can link associated cases and get to a linked case in one click.

Alerts and notifications

Get all the alerts and notifications delivered to your inbox or in your mobile app.

Case conversion

Convert a case into an appeal in the next court, keeping the entire case history intact, ensuring the cases and appeals are threaded together.

Document management

Keyword tagged and completely indexed document management system to store all related documents. No extra charge for unlimited storage.