AVACOM – Statutory Compliance Tool

Avacom provides highly automated and flexible compliance solution to organisations in diverse industries like Avantis, manufacturing, IT, media and financial institutions. It allows access to compliance monitoring dashboards from anywhere on the planet. If you can launch a browser you can access avacom.
Avacom is a highly adaptable software product designed to improve compliance management that replaces people dependent manual processes. Avacom manages your compliances, stores your documents, and enables audits and seamless monitoring across the globe.
Avacom provides a comprehensive solution to organization’s complete compliance requirements. It can scale across multiple geographies, supporting compliance tasks at various organizational levels. With over 700 Acts preconfigured, it creates a robust compliance framework. It generates comprehensive “Group level Compliance Dashboards” for consistent reporting across all locations.”


Smart Dashboards
  • Dashboards for each User
    Profile with specific feature on Performance Summary
  • Dashboards for Senior
    reflecting a comprehensive compliance position for the company


Multiple Roles with segregation of responsibilities
  • Defined with a Unique user Id and Passwords for each user
  • Company Administrator
  • Performer (Person responsible
    for Compliance)
  • Reviewer (Reporting Person)
  • Approver (Senior Person
    responsible for a location)
  • Management Role (CEO, CFO,
    Board Members)


Internal Compliance
  • Internal Compliance facilitating creation of client / company specific compliance items


Easy to work with
  • Defined with a Unique user Id and Passwords for each user
  • Well-designed easy to use
  • Low learning curve
  • Compliances are colour coded
    for severity of risk
  • Penalties can be understood at
    a glance


Comprehensive and Scalable
  • Most complete database of
    Acts and compliances, updated continuously
  • Over 700 Acts preconfigured.
  • Easily add Acts/ compliances/
    business units


Comprehensive Reporting
  • Custom Reports
  • Drilled-down reporting
  • Reports are easily exportable to
  • One-click report generation


Automatic Email notifications
  • Reminders for due compliances
  • Escalation notifications to
  • Account notifications


Documentation Management
  • Documentation Management,
    facilitating a comprehensive database with archival and retrieval capabilities
  • Single repository, with no


Comprehensive Framework
  • Supporting creation / updation of
    regulations and compliances.
  • Also, other activities like group
    policies / procedures can be updated & tracked through the software.